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woman stress and headache after car accident

7 Cervicogenic Headaches Symptoms After A Car Accident

woman stress and headache after car accidentCervicogenic headaches, as the name implies, are headaches that originate in cervical spine. Researchers Stupar & Kims (2007) in their study have defined cervicogenic headache as secondary headaches that most commonly occur due to acceleration/deceleration injury and presents along with other symptoms of whiplash injury, which can happen after a car accident.  Cervicogenic headache often occur after auto accidents and even low impact accidents at speed as low as 5 MPH are enough to cause soft tissue injuries, damage to spinal nerves, discs and joints in the neck, later triggering referred pain in the head region.  Symptoms of cervicogenic headache include:

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Chiropractic affects on aging

father and sonAccording to Webster longevity is the length of life.  Factors that affect the length of your life vary from country to country; it is also based on sex, with women usually outliving men.  An article published in Gender Medicine in 2006 states that women have historically lived longer than men in almost every country because they are more robust at every age, NOT because women age more slowly.  Possible causes for this discrepancy in longevity is

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a person thinking how much a chiropractor cost

How much does a chiropractor cost? It is cost-effective!

a person thinking about the cost of chiropracticTalk to anyone about how much their health insurance is costing them and what coverage they are getting for the cost.  Majority of us know that medical care is not cheap.  Besides the premiums being high, we have to worry about deductibles and co-pays.  According to Blue Cross, for a routine wellness check the cost can be anywhere from

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Blood pressure cuff

Chiropractic Adjustments May Lower Your Blood Pressure

Blood Pressure CuffWe all know that having high blood pressure can lead to heart disease, heart failure, stroke, kidney failure and other health problems and even death.  The scary part about having high blood pressure is that you can have it and not know it because there are no symptoms or signs to look for.  About one in three adults in the U.S. have high blood pressure and one in five of them do not even know they have high blood pressure.

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