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Christmas shopping

How To Survive The Pain Of Holiday Shopping

Christmas shoppingThe holiday season is just around the corner, and you may find yourself once again pounding the pavement running from one store to another or standing in a line waiting to make payment for your favorite products. All of this waiting and standing in long lines can take a toll on your feet or back causing pain and stiffness. There are ways that will help you withstand the stress of standing for hours on your feet in shopping lines. These include:

Choose the right shoes

It’s advisable to plan ahead about the shoes you are going to wear on the day you choose to “shop till you drop”.

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Dr. Brandon Czekaj, D.C.

Centreville Chiropractor Gives Back To The Community

Centreville Chiropractor DFHWWe believe in GIVING BACK. Dr. Brandon Czekaj is a Centreville chiropractor who strongly feels that when we are in a position to have achieved so much, the best gift at this point is giving back to the community.

With this aim to serve Centreville community, Dr Czekaj has joined hands with Doctors for Health and Wellness foundation. DHW foundation is a progressive, helpful force of hundreds of other wellness physicians across North America that provides a spectrum of free of cost, complimentary services to large corporations, small businesses and the community at large. Various initiatives taken include “health screenings, Lunch-and-Learn lectures, public wellness talks, corporate wellness days, and many more health-promotion venues”.

We are a family-oriented chiropractic clinic with roots within the community, and believe that without the support of our community we simply would not be in business. With this inspiration, Dr Czekaj strives to provide highly beneficial chiropractic services to Centreville community that encompass health fairs, Lunch& Learn events and chair massage occasions for different businesses, schools, churches or community fairs.

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Centreville chiropractor pain relief

What is pain and why do we have it?

Centreville chiropractor pain reliefJ .K. Rowling wrote in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, “Numbing the pain for a while will make it worse when you finally feel it”. Without going into the metaphorical explanation of the saying, the literal meaning of these words is very important and relevant.

Pain in any part of human body is not a disease in itself but it’s an indicator that something is wrong in the body. We can understand it from a common everyday example. If you are driving your car and check engine lights comes on. What would you do? Will you ignore the light and keep driving or you will cover the light with a tape or unplug the wires or you will take your car to an auto-mechanic as soon as possible. You will agree with the last option because you want the problem being signaled by the check engine light to be sorted out and handled. Similarly, if you are feeling a pain in your back or neck, why would you want to mask the pain with pain killers or just ignore it hoping that it would go away on its own?

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Car Accident

How Can Your Centreville Chiropractor Help After An Auto Accident?

Car AccidentBeing involved in a car accident is a very terrifying and dreadful experience for any person. The trauma incurred is both physical and emotional. Fortunately, every car accident is not a major one and the resulting auto accident injuries are not life endangering. However, it is important to note that even in minimal impact auto accidents there can be visible or hidden injuries in need of attention.

Chiropractors play a vital role in managing auto accident injuries. After excluding any major injury that might require emergency medical care, there are several head, neck and back injuries, in which chiropractic help could be of immense value.

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