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Woman with impaired posture position defect scoliosis and ideal bearing.

5 Tips To Improve Your Posture

Woman with impaired posture position defect scoliosis and ideal bearing.How we sit or stand greatly affects our posture. Poor posture is a source of continuous stress compromising our spine. This could cause deterioration of vertebra over time due to poor circulation and may also result in chronic fatigue and early exhaustion of muscles. Strain of a bad posture may lead to chronic neck, shoulder or back pain.

Most of the common reasons for a bad posture in everyday lives are; sitting and working on desks or computers for long hours, tilting the head or slouching the head forward while using cell phones, slouching while driving or travelling in a train or plane, prolonged use of heavy backpacks, previous injuries to neck, shoulder or back and use of improper shoes.

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woman stress and headache after car accident

7 Cervicogenic Headaches Symptoms After A Car Accident

woman stress and headache after car accidentCervicogenic headaches, as the name implies, are headaches that originate in cervical spine. Researchers Stupar & Kims (2007) in their study have defined cervicogenic headache as secondary headaches that most commonly occur due to acceleration/deceleration injury and presents along with other symptoms of whiplash injury, which can happen after a car accident.  Cervicogenic headache often occur after auto accidents and even low impact accidents at speed as low as 5 MPH are enough to cause soft tissue injuries, damage to spinal nerves, discs and joints in the neck, later triggering referred pain in the head region.  Symptoms of cervicogenic headache include:

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Centreville car accident

Car Accident Injury … Can Chiropractic Help?

centreville auto accidentGetting a car accident injury is the last thing that anybody wants, but unfortunately it can happen to anybody, at any time. After excluding any major injury that might require acute medical care, there are several symptoms in which chiropractor adjustment could be of immense value.

First of all, all car accident injuries are not very obvious and they might cause pain and other problems in subsequent weeks or even months after the car accident. In this situation, Chiropractor can examine and diagnose the extent of your soft tissue sprain/strain, neck/whiplash or back pain and help you treat these injuries as well as any muscular stiffness associated with auto accidents. Therefore, it is advisable to see your chiropractor within 2 week of any such incident and get a care plan so you don’t have to forfeit your insurance coverage rights for your injuries.

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Can Tight Hamstrings Cause Back Pain?

Girl bending forwardLower back pain is common and it often causes many to miss their workdays. There are multiple causes of lower back pain, but here, we will discuss the role of tight hamstrings in causing lower back pain.

Hamstrings are basically a group of 3 muscles present on the back of thigh (femur bone). These muscles originate from the hip bones and two of these muscles (semimembranous and semitendonous) attach to one of the bones (Tibia) in the lower leg, while, the third muscle (Biceps femoris) attaches to other bone (Fibula) in the lower leg.

Hamstring’s mechanism of action is that they cause flexion of knee joint (bending the knees) and extension at hip joint (bringing thigh behind the body). Normally the lower part of the spine is slightly curved because the back of the pelvis is marginally higher than the front side. In normal conditions, when the hamstrings are relaxed, it causes the pelvis to tilt forward and the lumbar spine also follows it with extension thus causing no strain on ligaments and discs.

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Whiplash neck injury

Whiplash injuries: Causes, Symptoms & Treatment

Driver Suffering From Whiplash After Traffic CollisionWhiplash is described as an injury to the neck due to sudden rapid forward and backward motion resulting from trauma; which is car accident in most of the cases, but may also occur due to falls, sport related injuries or knock over head by a heavy object.

This sudden over-extension of the head and neck impacts the muscles and ligaments causing stretching and probable tearing of neck tissues. Whiplash may also involve tearing, bulging or rupture of the vertebral discs or may also cause vertebral dislocation. It may also affect the spinal cord and nerve roots passing through the space between vertebras, which may develop irritation or stretch or get pinched because of the reduced gap in between the vertebra.

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Vertebral Segmental Subluxation A Hidden Cause Of Headaches

Girl with headacheAs we know headaches can occur due to multiple reasons ranging from structural, functional, biochemical to hormonal factors. Headaches are sometimes caused by a hidden condition known as vertebral segmental subluxation of the cervical spine.

In chiropractic “subluxation “ is defined as the alteration in the position of the vertebra, with nervous system interference. This can cause physiological and biochemical changes in the adjoining structures resulting in loss of function of that vertebra.  When subluxation affects cervical spine (the vertebras in neck), it limits mobility and becomes a cause of chronic pain in neck referred to head(cervicogenic headache).

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Are Auto Accidents The Only Way To Get Whiplash?

Teenage Driver Suffering Whiplash Injury Traffic AccidentWhiplash is one of the common injuries that may occur to a person’s neck after a sudden acceleration-deceleration force which results in uncontrolled, quick forward and backward movement of the head and neck. It is most commonly associated with car accidents, however any impact or knock that causes sudden jerky forward or backward movement of head and neck can cause whiplash. Hence, whiplash also known as cervical sprain is also frequently seen in professional / amateur athletes and football players.

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